What is Raging Hop? Well it’s a blog by Josh Engel, a local Cincinnati craft beer lover. I became an enthusiast of the craft after I first sat down the simple beers I found myself drinking in the early days of my journey and started trying some beer that had a little more art to it. Luckily about the same time the craft brewing scene was beginning to explode in Cincinnati. I had a blast traveling the city and trying the new beers that all of the local breweries were producing. I also started to frequent some better beer retailers and bars as well which continued to grow my love for good beer.

For years I introduced my friends to the craft beer scene and all that time people always told me that I should write about beer. I finally caved last year and dove into blogging about beer in my favorite city in the world, Cincinnati, as well as talking about the other tasty brews that I drink from around the country and the world.

I want to tell the story of the craft brewing family here in Cincinnati and on my blog you will learn what makes breweries, brewers, and beer lovers tick here in the Queen City. I love visual content so you will find a lot of photos in my posts. I want to see the craft brewing scene in Cincinnati grow and develop even more than it has in the past few years. I hope you all join me on my beer journey on RagingHop.com!


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