Alexandria Brewing Co Reaches Kickstarter Goal!

A month ago Alexandria Brewing Company launched their second Kickstarter attempt at Darkness Brewing in Bellevue, Kentucky. I got the chance to meet the awesome people behind Alexandria Brewing Company and they are some of the nicest people around.

The ABC crew was met with the good news last night that their Kickstarter campaign had hit it’s goal! This means that the project can begin to move forward securing their location and begin work turning it into a place they can call home.


I reached out to Andy Reynolds, head brewer of Alexandria Brewing Company, to congratulate the team and see what the next steps in the ABC story are.

“Our next immediate steps are kinda boring ones minus the Big Cis event at Braxton and sending out the Kickstarter rewards.  It is a matter of lining up all of our paperwork, investors, and financing.  Then we get to work.  We are most likely going with our smaller plan to get started and will expand on the land we buy within a year or two of opening.”

“So, what is the smaller plan (if you haven’t seen our website lately)?  The smaller plan is us renovating the existing structure on the land we are buying.  It is an old farm house.  We would turn the 1st floor into our taproom while making the basement our production space and cold storage area.  For this smaller plan, we are most likely going with a 5 BBL brewhouse with six 5 BBL tanks.  This will eventually serve as our pilot system when we expand.”

Andy also wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who has supported their project thusfar:

“I am forever grateful for their support and commitment to our vision.  We were very iffy about running a second campaign.  Personally, I did not want to do it at all after the failure of our first one but we had such a strong finish to first one and we had quite a few people send us messages via Kickstarter or Facebook that it changed my mind.  I am glad we did.  I honestly believe that this campaign’s strong start helped us with the City of Alexandria and shows them that the community is behind us.”

Now that everything has been set in motion Andy says they are shooting for an opening time around March(ish), but as you probably know there is a lot of red tape to cross when opening a brewery. Construction plans and permits, state brewing permits, etc, etc. So don’t take our word for it just yet. But you can expect that to be a good ballpark time range.

There is still time to back Alexandria Brewing! Go hit up their Kickstarter page and send them some love! They’ve got a ton of awesome rewards for various levels of support. Help support local brewing history!

Cheers all!