Alexandria Brewing Company Chapter One

Back in October I was just writing about how Alexandria Brewing Company had successfully hit their Kickstarter goal. A few days later the campaign ended and they raised just under $21,000. I had a quick chat with Andy Reynolds the day the ticker clicked over the threshold and he was forever grateful for ABC fan’s support and commitment to their vision. Now that the dust has settled I met up with Andy and his COO Brad Martin to chat about their current situation and what their plans were going forward. We are at the beginning of an exciting journey that I plan on taking you through from the beginning until the end.

The Brewery

Their plans are still to open the brewery on a big patch of land inside of an old farm house in Alexandria. As you may expect the logistics, paperwork, and red tape can be a tricky maze to navigate when planning to open a brewery, but they are working hard towards their goal. Between the Kickstarter funds as well as some investors that joined the team the crew is very close on closing on their desired location. Their plans have been completed and they are looking at putting a 5BBL two vessel brewery by DME brewing solutions in the basement of the house. To do this they will be adding a small addition with plans to grow further as time goes on. The taproom itself will be on the main floor of the house.

Best Friends Brew Together

You may have caught some recent news that the ABC brewing boys have been working with Darkness Brewing on a Black and White IPA for the High Gravity Beer Fest in Lexington next month from The Gnarly Gnome. I asked Andy if this was the start of a relationship that we would be enjoying some delicious brews from here on out and the answer was yes! Andy, the ABC team and Eric with Darkness have been forming a friendship that we will definitely be seeing more collaborations from.

Of course I had to ask if they were kicking back with any other breweries and they are indeed. You probably know ABC lent a helping hand along with other local breweries with Big Cis at Braxton in honor of Mike Cisneros. That is a relationship that they plan on continuing as well. While he didn’t want to show his whole hand just yet he hinted at collaborations with a certain Cincinnati brewery known for their more wild side as well as some friends at a little brewery down south in Lexington that you are probably familiar with. The most important thing to them is being an active and positive member of the Cincinnati brewing community and want to work with as many other breweries as possible. I, for one, am really excited to see what partnerships will be forming as Alexandria Brewing Company opens it’s doors.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

I can’t sit down with some brewers/owners of a new brewery opening up in town without asking about the beer! I would be a horrible beer blogger if I didn’t. Alexandria Brewing Company has an impressive list of beers already on their website, but I wanted to dive in a little deeper to see what beers they were excited about brewing. I also tried to see if I could pry a few new ones out of them as well. Andy has been perfecting a Pumpkin Porter and is even working on a marshmallow variant that isn’t on the list. They also plan on releasing a Dunkel and a Schwarzbier as Andy is a fan of brewing in the traditional German way of decoction mashing (here’s what decoction mashing is if you’re feeling a little nerdy). The beer that excited me the most that Andy mentioned is a Christmas variant of his Tripel brewed with cranberries, cinnamon and brown sugar…can I have this now please? Andy also wants his employees to have as much time on the brew deck as possible working on their own creations so the ABC portfolio of beer is sure to grow quickly.

If you take a look at their list there is one special beer in the mix, Brothers In Arms, a Russian Imperial Stout that will be barrel aged. “This Russian Imperial Stout was initially brewed by seven friends who met in the Army. All of them went to war together, at least once, some twice. They came together one Saturday to remember, to forget, and to celebrate their survival. When this beer is available, it is only sold in half pints. Very limited release. All proceeds will be donated to veteran charities.” This will be ABC’s first barrel aged beer and as you read every single cent made from this beer will be donated to veteran charities. As a veteran Andy is all about giving back to his brothers in arms.

Normally it’s pretty early to ask about bottling or canning plans at this stage of the brewery building process, but Andy and Brad were quick to confirm that bottling was on their agenda. You’ll see their Belgians, seasonals, and some of their special release beers hit bottles. Their plans are to release corked and caged bombers of their beers and may evolve beyond that as time goes on.

The Next Step

Once Andy and his team secure the property construction will begin right away. Last time we spoke he was hoping to open early this year around March, but as you can imagine that’s probably unrealistic at this point. The ABC team is hoping to get up and running 100% by early summer of this year. Andy says they can’t wait to open their doors to the craft beer community and they want to bring their own twist to beer to the table along with positivity and excitement.

I plan on following Alexandria Brewing Company through the entire process of their build and bring you the latest developments as they come to light. Join me, and them on their journey to slinging some awesome beers.

Cheers all!

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  • January 21, 2017 at 12:11 am

    Awesome stuff! I was glad to have the opportunity to support these guys on Kickstarter and I wish them the absolute best in getting everything setup for a great future! Cheers!

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