Amazon Beer Delivery?

We had heard rumors in January that Amazon had its sights set on the enormous beer industry here in the United States. Amazon is easily the largest online store and delivery service….but why beer? Recently they’ve expanded their Prime delivery service in some cities, Cincinnati being one of them, to include super fast one and two hour delivery. I’ve personally used it and it’s crazy to be able to order something you need and BOOM it’s at your door in an hour or less. You can order pretty much anything from the actual website, but they also offer tons of food items, even perishables such as fruits and vegetables. So why not add beer to their portfolio? I mean, Cincinnati is a prime location (get it?) to test out beer delivery because, let’s face it, we love our beer.

My first impressions

When I first read the story in January I instantly dismissed it as something I would ever use. I had a vision of the prime web store stocked full of macro beers and ciders. Nothing that the craft community would really be interested in. Many beer lovers such as myself actually really love going to local bottle shops to browse their beer selections and find things they never would have tried. I meet a lot of awesome people while shopping for beer. I wouldn’t have met those people while sitting on my couch ordering said beer….Plus my moto of “Drink Local” goes well beyond just the beer itself, I want to support my local businesses on top of the breweries.

Last week Amazon dropped the bomb. You can now order beer in your underwear and it will show up to your house in an hour. Sounds legit right? I immediately jumped on Amazon to see what their selection was like and I was partially impressed.

There’s a little more than a page of “Local and Craft Beers” Local breweries represented are MadTree, Braxton, Blank Slate, and Rhinegeist. Other craft breweries on the list include: Deschutes, New Belgium, Dogfish Head, Kentuckey Bourbon Barrel, Fat Heads, Sam Adams, Oskar Blues, Goose Island, Great Lakes, Leinenkugel’s, and West Sixth. Impressive list honestly, but you won’t be finding anything crazy from these local breweries. No barrel aged goodness or special releases. You’ll still have to hit up the local bottle shop or the brewery for those, sorry! Of course they also have a wide selection of national macro beers like your Buds and your Coors and all that jazz. I’m sure these beers will be their bread and butter.

What do you think?

As soon as I saw the announcement I jumped on Twitter and asked all of you if you thought you would use this new service. Let’s take a look at what you thought:


53% of you said you might use the service from time to time. Many of you who chose “sometimes” stated you might use it in emergency situations where you can’t get out of the house, maybe you had already been drinking and you need a restock, or maybe delivery to an office party or something to that tune. I can see in certain situations when I might be inclined to possibly use this service, but as an avid beer drinker I am normally always prepared for a day of drinking and festivities such as a holiday.

47% of you said you would never use the service at all. Most people commented that they would rather support a local bottle shop over a multi-billion dollar company. I tend to lean towards that mindset even after seeing the beer selection.

Finally, a grand total of zero of you said you would use the service all the time. Not surprising at all.

My thoughts?

I don’t think this is necessarily a good or a bad thing overall. It gives local breweries another avenue to sell their beer to you, but I would still argue that if you want to support the brewery you should be getting their beer directly from them if you can. I also think it’s good to support your local bottle shops as well. Will people use the service? Most definitely. Will it work long term for Amazon? I’m not sure yet, only time will tell. Personally I will be avoiding it at all costs, but if I find myself in a pinch…I guess I might do it.

What’s your take on all of this craziness? Hit up the comments here or jump on Twitter and let me know!