Boulevard Brewing Co. – Tropical Pale Ale

I won’t lie when I say that the Miami Vice feel to the can design drew me to this beer more than anything. I remember when it first hit shelves I wanted to get my hands on it so bad. I’m not sure why it took so long, but I finally grabbed a single in a build your own six pack over at Jungle Jim’s this week.

Upon cracking open the can I’m hit with a good crisp hoppy smell with an underlying tropical fruit smell. If Hawaiian Punch had an alcoholic version I would totally think it would smell like this beer. Upon my first drink I was met with a delicious fruity, crisp, easily crushable beer. It almost has a little tartness at the end as well. My God it’s good! And fruit beers have always been so hit and miss with me since they’ve seemed to be becoming more popular over the past year. The “Tropical” in the name sums this beer up nicely. You know those Corona ads where the dude pops one open while sitting on the beach? Well he should throw that away and grab one of these instead.

Would I buy this again? In a heartbeat I would. I think this may become a easy drinking summer beer for when the weather warms back up in a few months.

Cheers all!