Brennan’s Bucknut Brew Release At Rivertown

Earlier this week I made it down to Rivertown Brewing for their tapping of Brennan’s Bucknut Brew! This was a very special beer created by  Brennan Burt after his family won it at The Cure Starts Now‘s gala earlier this year. They gave it to him for his 21st birthday! Sounds like a heck of a gift to me!


The Cure Starts Now


The Cure Starts Now is an organization that is on a mission to cure cancer and help children effected it.

“Each child represents a life, an opportunity, and a chance. They are part of our soul, our mission and their pictures grace our web site. We are not a foundation from one child, instead we are a mission of many. This is why The Cure Starts Now Foundation fights for the cure for other children with brainstem glioma and cancer survivors everywhere. Our mission has received the attention of the local newspapers, XM radio, AM and FM radio stations in over three cities, and has been introduced on over five television stations in two cities. Our fundraising efforts have come from Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, California, Indiana, Kentucky and Alabama, with other states and families joining our mission daily. What started with just one child now becomes the mission of people nationwide.

The cure for cancer is just as important as it is elusive. We can cure cancer one-by-one or we can focus on THE cure which we believe will come from a cure for brainstem glioma. The fight begins today and the cure starts now.”

The Beer


Brennan is a student at Ohio State so the obvious choice for his beer was to pay homage to the buckeye! Brennan’s Bucknut Brew is a super tasty peanut butter chocolate stout! It smells and tastes exactly how you would imagine a buckeye stout would! And! It’s also made in such a way that people with peanut allergies can enjoy it as well! I encourage you to give it a try at the brewery or at other bars and growler retailers around the city as the proceeds from the sales will go to The Cure Starts now in order to help fund cancer research!