Where Have You Been? I Can Explain…Kind Of

It’s almost been two months without posting any content here on RagingHop.com and I want to apologize. I could make all kinds of excuses, but to be honest I don’t really like excuses. Simply put, the summer hit and I’ve been working on tons of other projects. I have some content ready to launch soon. I actually visited March First Brewing right before I disappeared off of the radar and am WAY overdue to post that story. I will actually be visiting them soon to finish up some stuff I have left on the piece. So if you fantastic people over at M1 are reading this I am sorry!

Beyond that I will be out searching for the next story to tell here in Cincinnati craft beer. If you have anything you want me to dive into please let me know as I am always up for ideas!

I just wanted to throw out a little update to let you all know I’m totally not dead. I’m still here and I’m still drinking good beer. Cheers all!