Cincy Breweries Take Top Spots In Two National Lists

Recently Cincinnati has seen a lot of big attention within the national beer scene. First was the article naming Cincinnati as one of the top 10 best new cities for craft beer from Not sure if I agree that we are a top 10 best new craft beer city, but I most certainly believe we have been one of the best craft beer cities for a while. Although I guess I live here and see it first hand while others can only look from the outside in. Cincinnati breweries don’t have big footprints outside of Ohio yet, but Cincinnati has a rich brewing history dating back hundreds of years. Even with the recent craft boom we’ve had some killer options at our finger tips for a while. Rivertown has been around since 2009 chugging out some awesome beers.


If you follow Rhinegeist on Social Media you have been pelted with many posts about the USA Today poll for best new brewery in America. As I’ve been voting in it I’ve noticed we bounced around a bit, but always held a top spot. I’ve been hoping they would squeak by in first place, but sadly it didn’t happen. Rhinegeist took the number two spot in the national poll which is still a big honor for our local OTR brewery! I don’t know much about the other breweries who made the top ten, but I’m going to be looking into them. It will be interesting to see how they stack up in size to Rhinegeist.


In another article on Thrillist named MadTree as the most underrated brewery in Ohio. I tend to agree with them with Cincinnati in mind as it seems that they don’t get a lot of the spotlight that I think they deserve as a larger brewery. I’m not saying they’re the best, quite frankly I think every brewery in the area makes some good beer, but MadTree always seems to have something special up their sleeves. Hopefully when their new expansion opens they will graduate to most underrated brewery in Ohio to one of the best! Only time will tell!

If you were to ask me who the most underrated brewery was in the city I would honestly say Blank Slate would be up there for me, but Thrillist is talking about all of Ohio so the person writing the article might not really know some of the smaller operations out there. The author mentioned Jackie O’s was a close second. In all honesty I’m kind of suprised they didn’t take the top spot.

It’s refreshing to see local breweries taking some top spots in big articles. I think within the next few years Cincinnati will be the top city for craft beer in the United States…period!