FigLeaf Brewing Grand Opening

I am super excited for this weekend as FigLeaf Brewing is set to open up on Saturday the 8th for the first time! I am a horrible beer blogger as I haven’t really talked about these guys much, but The Gnarly Gnome has been keeping the beer community in the know with the Cincy Brewcast a couple of weeks ago. I encourage you to give it a listen, it was a great show! All was made well on my side of things earlier this week when I got the chance to check out their new digs and meet the FigLeaf crew.


FigLeaf is headed up by Brian Yavorsky, Jeff Fortney, Andy Allgeyer and Rick and Tasha Brown at 3387 Cincinnati Dayton Rd, Middletown, OH. It’s really awesome to see brewers with roots in the Dayton area come south to help bridge the brewery gap to Cincinnati. Jeff brewed at Warped Wing and Brian came from Star City Brewing.


I think it’s really great to see breweries coming in to fill the gaps between Cincinnati and Dayton and that’s what the FigLeaf crew aims to do. They’re in an interesting spot that will attract beer lovers from both metro areas. They join Dogberry and will also soon be joined by Rivertown once their new facility is up and running as well. It’s going to be really interesting to see how many other breweries will follow as the city limits are constantly becoming blurry.


Space is definitely not an issue in the taproom as there is a huge bar made out of reclaimed wood, tables along the walls and in an open area leading outside, and a bar set up around the railing that surrounds the brewing deck. It has a nice, warm, and cozy feel to it with all of the warm wood surfaces and walls.


One thing that I think can be a downfall for breweries is a small taproom, but FigLeaf is heading that issue off at the pass. There is plenty of room for large crowds for sure.


Not only is the inside spacious, but they sport an absolutely huge patio partially covered by an awning with cozy lighting. The patio not covered by the awning will feature a hand made open fire pit for those chilly nights that are on the way. Overall their taproom space is nothing short of amazing as Fig Leaf has pumped 1.3 million dollars into the whole project.


FigLeaf is working with a 20 barrel 4 vessel brewing system by Custom Metalcraft out of Springfield, Mo. What is a 4 vessel brewing system you ask? Brewminds hit on this subject earlier this year, go and give it a read! Andy told me a treacherous tale of their first brew day where their cooling lines froze up before they had their lines insulated. They were brewing their Basmati Cream ale while dodging falling ice chunks….so you all better enjoy their beer. It was made with blood sweat and tears!


Their brewing area has tons of space for expansion and/or a canning/bottling line. They don’t plan on canning or bottling any time soon, but it’s definitely in the plans at some point.


For the opening FigLeaf will be showcasing their first four beers, all of which I have tried, and these guys do it right! The lineup is as follows:

Basmati Cream Ale: Brewed with basmati rice, which can only be done in a 4 vessel system. Not many breweries in the area have one! This one was very good.
Saison Rogue: This one has nice fruit/belgian notes. Darker than you might expect as well.
Ponderous: The English Porter! Probably my favorite out of the bunch, but I might be a little bias as I love my dark beers. This one was super smooth with very good roast, chocolate, and malt notes.
Iso-Trope: The American IPA packing Idaho 7. Centennial and Cascade hops. Very solid IPA for me.

Overall they don’t plan on focusing on one style. They plan on always having a nice variety in the taproom.


Their grand opening will be kicking off Saturday at noon and will feature 3 food trucks: Carvaso’s, Quite Frankly, and Remi’s BBQ. The party will last until midnight and they’ll be open again on Sunday at noon as well! Check out their Facebook Page and the Event Page for more info! Oh and parking will not be a problem as their building has plenty of spaces and the businesses next to them don’t mind the brewery patrons parking in their lots either.


I am really excited for FigLeaf to be opening. I think it’s a good step towards the right direction in unifying the Dayton and Cincinnati brewing scene. From the people I talked to I know the FigLeaf owners have their head in the game and are ready to make some fantastic beer. So make your way up (or down for our Dayton friends) to Monroe this Saturday and join us at the party. Cheers all!

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