Raging Hop’s Quick Picks For Jungle Jim’s International Craft Beer Fest

It’s one of my favorite times of the year: Jungle Jim’s International Craft Beer Festival! It’s the longest running beer fest here in Cincinnati (yes even longer than Cincy Beer Fest) and I’ve been going for years. The thing that I always look forward to is a little more intimate atmosphere than you get at Cincy Beerfest and a lot more fun. Oh, and did I mention, you get free food included with your ticket! You won’t have to buy a hamburger that costs half your ticket price to fuel up half way though the night. (Ok I might be exaggerating the price for food at the convention center, but the food is indeed expensive)

I took out a little time to pull out 10 beers that you shouldn’t miss from local breweries right here in Cincinnati. Now, I will say this was a hard task, because there were so many good choices, but I encourage you to check out the list of beers yourself and see what you want to try (make sure you click the Beer Fest menu). This is just my list of 10 beers that excited me. Some I have tried and some I haven’t.

  • Many Hands Make For Light Work – Cincy Beer Week Collab With Blank Slate, Listermann, Moerlein, Municipal and Narrow Path
  • Summertrip – Braxton Brewing Company
  • 50 West and 16 Bit Barcade Crusin’ IPA – Fifty West Brewing Company
  • Nutcase Peanut Butter Porter Raspberry Jam – Listermann Brewing Company
  • Boysen the Hood – MadTree Brewing Company
  • MangoHops and Wheat Ale – Mt. Carmel Brewing Company
  • Station 2 – Municipal Brew Works
  • Flash Point – Old Firehouse Brewery
  • Old Wooden Tooth – Taft’s Ale House
  • Palmistry – Urban Artifact

And 5 beers from Non-Cincinnati breweries

  • Fresh Squeezed IPA – Deschutes Brewery
  • Stardust To Stardust – North High Brewing
  • Paradise Pucker – Rogue Ales and Spirits
  • Stone RuinTen Triple IPA w/ Orange Peel & Vanilla Bean – Stone Brewing
  • Sour Monkey – Victory Brewing Company

I’ll be at Beer Fest on Friday so I hope to see you all there! Don’t forget you can still snag tickets at the store Friday and Saturday if you haven’t grabbed them yet!