MadTree Announces $18M Expansion

I have been a huge fan of Madtree for a long time. I can remember the early days when my best friend Dan told me about this wonderful brewery who made such awesome beer that we had to try. From the first drink I was hooked. I can remember the days when you could walk in any day any time and there wouldn’t be a huge crowd in the taproom. I can also remember the brewing equipment being so far back that you could almost play a game of soccer in the empty space in their brewing area. So much room for activities!

As time passed by more and more people started to come. On the weekends you are lucky to get a seat at the bar sometimes. As the brewery expanded that wide open warehouse filled with more fermenters and equipment. Then they bought the building next door for storage which was in turn emptied for their larger events in order to fit the larger crowds. I knew for a long time that they needed a bigger space. I have been waiting for this announcement and I couldn’t be happier to read it this morning!


MadTree is moving! But don’t you worry, they will only be about a mile down the road from their current location! They will be pumping $18 Million into their 2.0 project which will be located at 3301 Madison Road. The space looks super cool including a giant hanger building (pictured above). As you can see…there’s way more room for activities! (Sorry for the Step Brothers references I’ll stop now)

Once completed MadTree will bring in 40 new jobs and will expand even more as growth progresses! This job growth will be supported by Jobs Ohio and the City of Cincinnati.

The taproom will feature 64 taps and a 10,000 square foot outdoor beer garden, an expanded Catch-A-Fire Pizza Café, two private event spaces, and office space for staff. The brewery itself will feature a new American-made W.M. Sprinkman Corp. 100 barrel brewhouse and an expanded quality laboratory.

I for one am super pumped for this announcement and I can’t wait to check out their new digs once it’s completed! Good job guys!