MadTree Funk Day 2016

If you follow me on social media you might hear me say I’m just not a fan of sour beers. I haven’t found many I like, but I’ve been on a journey to find my place in this fast growing style of beer in the US. It took me a loooooong time to start liking IPAs when I first dove into craft beer, but I know with time just like IPAs I’ll figure this sour thing out So when MadTree announced their Funk Day where they would be releasing some of their sours in bottles I knew I had to go!


I’ve been to beer releases before and had to stand in small lines, but I’ve never pulled up to a brewery and saw so many people waiting outside. People in standing, people in chairs, people under blankets, and even people cooking breakfast on camp stoves. I thought showing up a couple hours early would have been sufficient…I was wrong!


I had a good time waiting in line though. I had my girlfriend to keep me company (she’s definitely a keeper for waiting hours in line for some beer haha) and we met some people around us in line we chatted with. We even had our own personal DJ rocking out some music on their phone. Surprisingly some MadTree folks came down with some goodies, bottles of their Nucleus Braggot Style Ale for us to try. Sadly I did not have a cup and I didn’t want to be “that guy” so I passed it along…Next time I will have a cup!



As time went on the MadTree crew came around with order cards and I finally got the news that I would not be able to indulge in some BA Dead Flowers. I wasn’t too upset, but I sprang for a glass instead of the other bottle. Not too long after we made our orders the line started moving, slowly, but it was moving.


It was pretty cold out that morning so when we made it to the door we were almost more happy for the warmth than for the beer! We gave them our order sheet, they handed over the goods and we were off! We would have stayed and had a few, but we had some other stuff going on that day that needed to get done. When I returned home I took my bottles outside for a little photoshoot when I realized…I had 2 Cherry Levanto’s and no Strawberry…oh no. I grabbed my phone to call the brewery to see if they had any Strawberry left that I could change out and couldn’t get through. We hopped back in the car and started on our way back to MadTree hoping we would get there in time. I sent out a tweet to some people asking them if they could hold one back for me and Kenny at MadTree responded that he would have one waiting for me. As we arrived I walked in the door and Kenny was right there bottle in hand! Super awesome people over at MadTree!

We returned home and enjoyed the fruits of our labor of waiting in line and coming back for the Strawberry. I had only been able to try a couple of MadTree’s sours at various events, but I was still missing some. Stay tuned for a post about what I thought of the beers once I get a chance to enjoy them all! The whole day was a learning experience and I think the next time I go to a big bottle release I will be more prepared! Thanks to all of the cool people we met in line for making the day awesome, and thank you MadTree for going above and beyond and letting us try Nucleus and letting me exchange out my extra Cherry for a Strawberry!