MadTree Mini Tour


MadTree is probably one of my favorite breweries in the area and I frequent it often on the weekends. If you find yourself there on a Saturday you have 2 chances to take a tour of their brewing facility (3pm and 4pm). It’s simple and fast, but it’s right there next to their tap room and you can bring your favorite brew along for the ride! So to me that’s totally a win win!



A couple weeks ago my girlfriend and I were sitting next to the gate into the brewery section of their building and we heard the announcement for the tour. We continued enjoying our beer and noticed no one was coming up to wait at the gate. I struck up a conversation with the gentleman waiting to start their tour and as we chatted still no one showed up. I was like “Hey! We’ll take the tour why not!” as soon as we entered the brewery and donned our protective glasses a few more people filed in making our hosts work for their beer.


The brewery was very much active ad very loud making it hard to hear so we made our way to the very back wall where their grain hopper and refrigerator was. We began the tour talking about how Madtree came to be and how our hosts became a part of the family and them moved on to their own process of making beer. Moving from grains, to boiling, to fermenting (which was super cool as they had a huge control panel to monitor everything instead of on each machine) to canning and more!


I think the coolest fact was they filter and distill their own water which makes their beer one of a kind. You can view their recipes of any beer they make, but you can’t recreate their secret ingredient….their water.


Overall it was a great 20min tour and I would recommend that you take it if you have the extra time! The only thing you might lose is your seat!


And of course we ended our evening with pizza from Catch-A -Fire!

Now as a photographer I always say the best camera is the one that’s with you so these photos were all taken on my phone. My girlfriend won some VIP tours of Madtree at Jungle Jim’s birthday celebration this summer and we plan on taking it very soon! Expect another MadTree tour post soon!!