Moerlein – Shiver

I haven’t done a Beer Talk in a looooong time so I’m overdue! I promise I’m going to get back into the swing of things talking about awesome beer from not only here, but from around the country and the world as well!

Today I’m going to talk about a local beer that I have yet to try until now. That is Christian Moerlein’s Shiver Chai Spiced Porter. I’ve only had one other chai spiced beer before and that was Stone’s Chai Spiced Imperial Porter which I enjoyed very much. Chai in general is rather new to me. I always associate it with tea, which I do not drink. But I will definitely say it’s growing on me. So lets dive in!

The smell hits you right off the bat with heavy chai and other spices. First taste brought a lot of the spice flavors out for me, but as time went on some coffee and maltiness came through. It all smoothed out as the glass warmed. I would honestly say drink this bad boy at room temperature or just above. If you like a dark chai latte this beer is for you. If not? You should probably move on.

Overall I enjoyed this one I would definitely buy it again, although a six pack might be hard to crush with all the spiciness. Pick up some other beers to throw into the mix! I will be drinking a lot more darker beers as the winter goes on!

Cheers all see you soon!