Municipal Brew Works Opening Preview

Last night I was honored to be invited to Municipal Brew Works once again for a small soft opening event. Finally I would be able to try some of the fruits of their labors and try some tasty beers!



As we approached the brewery we were met with their welcoming open outdoor area as well as wide open garage doors. The excitement had been growing all day and now here we were ready to check out the finished brewery! The atmosphere was super laid back as local residents, beer bloggers like myself, and even other brewers were all talking about the most important part of any brewery, the beers! Now as some of you who have been reading for a while know I don’t get too beer snobby in my “reviews” if you can even call them that. I like to just talk about how the beer makes me feel personally and how I like it. So take this with a grain of salt as I encourage you to check these out for yourselves today when they open!


First up for me was what they dubbed Batch #002, their White IPA. To me this is a very solid IPA. Not in your face at all and has a very good hop profile. I want to say it’s cascade hops? To me it was rather smooth up front and you got the hop bite on the end. If you aren’t a fan of IPAs I think this could be one to dip your toes with and try for sure.


Next up was Batch #001 aka Approachable Blonde! Very crisp and light tasting. A very simple beer with good taste. If you aren’t a huge craft beer drinker coming into the brewery wanting something not too crazy this will definitely be your go-to! For me it was a very nice beer to sip outside under the warm spring sun as it set behind the city.


Next was their Rye Pale Ale aka Batch #003. This one was a close tie along with the IPA for my favorite beer of the evening. It’s got some nice citrusy sweet flavor up front and a good rye finish. Sometimes I can’t quite get behind a rye beer, but this one is perfectly balanced for my taste.


It was a grand evening of a lot of fun talking to everyone and tasting Municipal Brew Work’s beers! I encourage to go support them on the 8th for their grand opening which will also include their Chocolate Porter that I have heard nothing but good things about as well food and fun for everyone! Take a seat in their spacious taproom or sit outside and play a game of cornhole! But most of all enjoy some good beer!

Cheers all!

Bonus Photos!