Rivertown 2.0 Update!

As you may know Rivertown has been working hard on their new facility up in Monroe for a few months now and we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I was met with some good news yesterday on the progress! Rivertown has received official approval of its Monroe Brewer’s Notice from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau!

What does that mean? Basically it says game on for Rivertown to start production in their new facility as soon as it’s ready!

The brewery, currently operating in Lockland, Ohio, announced that it was building a second facility from the ground up in the fall of 2015. The Monroe facility, located at 6550 Hamilton Lebanon Road, will host the the bulk of Rivertown’s production for distribution to seven states, their sour beer program, laboratory, business offices, 30-tap bar and BBQ restaurant complete with a patio and two acre beer garden. A number of new 200 bbl and 100 bbl fermenters as well as a custom-built Italian 50 bbl fouder are set to be delivered to Monroe in early November.

As the building continues to take shape, so does the team that will be responsible for managing its 350+ guests . Rivertown recently welcomed Rob McCleery as the Director of Exception ExBEERience in Monroe. McCleery comes with over 20 years of management experience for restaurants such as Abuelo’s, Max and Erma’s and Logan’s Roadhouse. Rivertown will be hosting a job fair in the upcoming weeks to continue growing the front of house team.


I for one can’t wait to see the new facility in it’s finished glory! This is a big piece of the puzzle which means we’re on the home stretch to more great beer from Rivertown!