Rivertown Brewery Tour!

The first in our series of local brewery tours is one of the oldest craft breweries in the area, Rivertown Brewing! Rivertown got started around 2009 after its creator Jason Roeper won Sam Adams’s Longshot Competition with a Lambic and it inspired him to take his home brewing to the next level…thus Rivertown was born!



This was definitely not my first trip to Rivertown, but after seeing groups leaving on tours while I was enjoying good beer for too long I decided to grab my girlfriend, my dad and a few friends to come on the Rivertown tour with me!


Upon arriving we grabbed a few drinks while we waited for tour time. We had a really good time chatting with our fellow brewery goers, including some out of town people who we shared some brewery tips with. When it was tour time a very enthusiastic gentleman (who I can’t remember his name for the life of me) who is also a school teacher gave us the run down of our next 45min or so and off we went beers in hand!


We started off outside as the machinery in the brewery was running full blast so we needed a quiet area. Hot….but quiet! Our guide started with the history of Rivertown and then moved onto a little bit about their brewing process. He even passed around hops and different grains that they use in their beers. We got to taste a few of them as we passed the jars around which was pretty awesome.


From there we moved inside where we got to see each step of the brewing process that we had just discussed before. Funny enough the area we were in was right next to the door back into the taproom so I ended up going back for a refill. I mean why not? No one should go on this tour empty handed!


The first room had the mash and boiling setups.


And a little further back were the fermenters.


From there we moved on to the bottling area which was the largest part of the brewery now that they have acquired a 72 head bottler that they got from Miller Coors who got it originally from Pepsi. This thing was HUGE! With this machine they could crank out twice as much product as they used to which was needed now that they do contract brewing for companies like Kroger and their Taproom 21 brand.


Pumpkin Ale in the labeling machine!


The final stop of the tour was in the room that housed their cooler, raw materials, and their barrels for aging. It was super cool to see the variety of barrels they used. There was a collection of tequila and bourbon barrels from a few different distilleries.


Overall the tour was a super cool experience and I encourage you all to go on it at some point! I promise I didn’t reveal everything! Our wonderful host does an amazing job going over how Rivertown works their magic!

Bonus Images!