Streetside Brewery Grand Opening

The time is here! You may have caught my last piece about Streetside back in July and since then the Streetside Brewery crew have been super busy! I remember passing their spot when it was just a hole in the ground and here we are only several months later talking about a grand opening! According to Garret Hickey, brewer and co-owner they had walls up on April 15th and they were brewing their first beer on August 15th. Very quick turnaround indeed.


Streetside has been open for the past couple of weeks on a limited basis, but their official grand opening will take place this Friday October, 7th at their location at 4003 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH. The party will be kicking off at 4pm with a ribbon cutting ceremony with awesome brews and food to follow! Even though the main event is on Friday they plan on keeping the party going on all weekend. Make sure you follow Streetside on Facebook for updates!

Garrett, Brian, and Kathie Hickey are excited to bring the new brewery to life in the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood.

“Having people in the taproom enjoying the space and drinking the beer we made is great” Garret told me as we sipped on some beer in the taproom last week.


The Hickey family chose Columbia Tusculum for Streetside because they have been residents of the area for years. They have a lot of pride for where they live and they want to help revitalize the area over time by helping to remove blight from the area as well as attracting people from all over the region to Columbia Tusculum. Brian and Kathie are also a part of the Columbia Tusculum Steering Team as well. The Hickey’s have a lot of love for the area!


The taproom is absolutely beautiful with warm, welcoming wood, brick and subtle lighting. There is plenty of seating around the bar with additional seating at tables around the taproom. The bar boasts 20 taps which will feature mostly their own creations with a few guest taps.


In addition to the beautiful taproom Streetside has a spacious outdoor seating area that you can access through a wide open garage door.


As you walk to the back of the taproom you can look down at the shiny 15 barrel brewing glory. I have a feeling this space may get a bit more crowded with equipment as time goes on.


Now for the important stuff, the beer! On opening night they plan on having 8 beers on tap 3 of which I had the pleasure of trying and boy were they awesome.

The three I had were:

Raspberry Beret: A Raspberry Berliner Weisse which is to die for, and not to mention already an award winning beer. More on that later.
Imp: Their Imperial Porter which was full of roasty goodness with good chocolate notes.
Tea Bags: A Blonde Ale made with green tea and honey. This one I was kind of iffy on when I heard about it as I am not a tea drinker, but I ended up loving it!

The rest of the lineup includes:

Alpha: An American IPA with Citra and El Dorado hops
Alms: An Extra Special Bitter
Super Simple: Simply a pale ale made with Columbis, Centennial and Cascade hops

They are going to try to have their India Red Ale ready as well which has been dubbed Sofa King. It was described to me as a little roasty with Citra hops and dry hopped with Mosaic hops.

The one beer you need to pay attention to on that list is the Raspberry Beret. Why? Because it’s already won best in show at the King of Ohio competition at the Ohio Craft Brew Festival up in Columbus a couple of weeks ago! The beer came to be when fellow Streetside Brewer Luke Shopshire’s girlfriend was at Ohio University and took a liking to Jackie O’s Razz Wheat. He decided to put his own twist on it and out popped a delicious Raspberry Berliner Weiss. Everyone ended up loving his homebrew so the crew decided to upscale it for production. What brewery do you know that took gold at a competition before they even opened? I’m sure its a small list.

Streetside is already working on 2 more sours now and plans to always have one or two on tap at all times.

In my last piece about Streetside I mentioned they were planning on having in house food, but the plans had not been solidified as of yet. Well, do I have some awesome news for you! Streetside will be serving up Gilpins Steamed Sandwiches, a local favorite of Cincinnati! If you haven’t ever had Gilpins you need to do yourself a favor and try it. It will change your life, guaranteed. Gilpins currently has a location on 7th street downtown and two smaller locations located inside the Growler House in East Walnut Hills and inside Urban Artifact in the Northside. The menu will be limited from the main location, but it will have most of the popular sandwiches.


I am excited to see where Streetside goes in the future. The beers I had were awesome, the addition to Gilpins in house is amazing, and they are already on their way to possibly canning sooner than you may expect! I encourage you all to come on out Friday for the grand opening! With Streetside already winning an award for their Berliner Weiss you know the rest of their beer has to be great, and it is, but don’t take my word for it!