Streetside/Raging Hop Collaboration Beer! West Coast Revival IPA

It was a long long time ago in a taproom far far away, I was enjoying a beer with my girlfriend when a guy came up and asked if the seat next to mine was taken. I invited this stranger to sit with us and we started chatting. I’m not sure how our conversation got to home brewing, but I mentioned that I had been really wanting to get into it, but just haven’t pulled the trigger even though I had a few friends that were interested as well. So this random stranger gave me his phone number and told me to give him a call when I did my first brew and he would come out and help us out. How cool is that? It turned out that this random guy sitting next to us was none other than Luke Shropshire who was, at the time, a brewer over at Mt. Carmel brewing.

I was super blown away by the kindness that he extended to me that day, but sadly the day where I started home brewing never came. It was one of those things in the back of my head that just never came to fruition. Whenever I ran into Luke I would always joke about how I still haven’t dove into home brewing…It kind of became an inside joke for me after a while. Fast forward a couple of years and now Luke is the head brewer over at Streetside Brewery. I ran into him a few more times while writing about Streetside and again at Cincinnati Beer Fest. At beer fest I joked again about still not home brewing and he extended the offer to possibly come down and brew a beer with them. What?! I was blown away about possibly being able to collaborate with Streetside on a beer. Not many people get the chance to do something like that. So a couple of weeks later I shot him an email and we got the ball rolling.

We met up a month ago to talk about what kind of beer we wanted to brew. As you know NE IPAs were, and are still, hot. I wanted to lean in that direction, but at the same time how can Raging Hop collaborate on an IPA that is smooth, fruity, and not that hoppy? It would be blasphemy! Luke jokingly said we should make a beer the exact opposite of all of these NE IPAs that were taking over the craft beer world. Why not do a throw back to a dry, in your face West Coast IPA? Hmmm….now you have me thinking. Of course a Raging Hop beer has to be crazy in your face so I happily agreed to turn the table upside down on the craft beer world. Ladies and gentleman we’re going back to the roots of the IPA.

Now that we had the style down we scheduled another meeting to do some “research” which really meant sitting around the brewery drinking some dank and tasty IPAs to take some tasting notes on. Now of course as any gathering of craft beer lovers it turned into trying all kinds of beer too because why not? As we went down the line I told them what I liked and disliked about each beer and they told me what they liked and disliked. From there we formulated what we were looking for in our beer and set out to come up with the recipe. The coolest part of this whole thing? If the beer comes out good and people like the test batch we could see this beer on the Streetside production lineup! It truly blows me away that I had a hand in coming up with a beer that could possibly be a regular brew here in Cincinnati by Streetside. It’s truly an honor.

Now why we don’t want to give away all the secrets I will give you a little rundown as to what we’re looking like recipe wise. We started with a ton of pale ale 2 row malt and threw in some Cara Pils Dextrine and Caramel Malt. As for the hops we were looking at Nugget, Centennial and Cascade in the boil and steeping in some more Centennial after. Once fermentation was done we dry hopped with Simcoe and more Centennial. If that doesn’t get you ready for some raging hoppy goodness I don’t know what will.

Brew Day

A week or so later we all met up to make some awesomeness! Now as I said before I had been wanting to get into home brewing for a while, but haven’t taken the plunge. All I knew about beer walking into this was what I read in books. So this whole experience was a hands on learning day for me.

First thing’s first we measured out the grains for the brew.

Next step was crushing the malt down

Then onto water treatment.

Stirring it all in

Separating the wort

Boil time!

Hoppy goodness going in.

While we waited for the boil we might as well try a pull from one of the barrels. Why not? More news on this one will be coming later.

And last but not least, time to cool down for fermentation!

The (Pre) Release

So when can you get your hands on the first taste of West Coast Revival goodness? This Saturday the 29th at 5pm! Come on down to Streetside and have a pint of the test batch! Let us know what you think of it and if you want it to hit regular production. See you there!