Suh Brah? Streetside Announces First Can and More!

We’re moving right along with the North East Hazy IPA craze here on Raging Hop. Last week I talked to Listermann about their ridiculously popular NE IPA can releases, but today Cincinnati beer has another contender in the category: Streetside Brewery.

Streetside teased on their Facebook this week with the label art for Suh Brah? a super tasty NE IPA, but today they are making the announcement official. You can get your hands on Suh Brah? on Saturday April 8th at 10am at the brewery located on 4003 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226. Of course once I heard the news I had to reach out to Garret Hickey, Managing Brewer at Streetside to see what the team had to say.

Suh Brah?


Streetside was one of the first breweries in Cincinnati to jump on the NE IPA style only weeks after opening. I asked Garret what the details behind their decision to pursue the style was.

“Luke and I are very avid “beer researchers” and having had beers from Hoof Hearted, Trillium, The Veil, Lawson’s Finest, etc etc etc we were very excited to try and hit the NE IPA style here in Cincinnati. Our first two experiments weren’t quite what we wanted in the way of haze, but we kept at it with Oh Shoot! and lots of Luke’s home-brews and finally got to a place where we felt the mouth feel, the aromatics, and the haze were right where we wanted them.”

Streetside already has a few NE IPAs in their lineup. Can we expect more? Garret said this was definitely only the beginning. They actually bounced back a brand new IPA to brew the batch of Suh Brah? that is being canned. Get ready Cincinnati, this haze revolution is only getting better.

Of course I couldn’t sit down and talk to Garrett without asking about other can releases. It’s rare to see a brewery in its first year jump into canning so soon. Garrett was happy to share that their canning plans were rather ambitious.

“So far we have labels done for 3 beers including Suh, an Imperial Stout and a Berliner Weisse. We have a couple more in progress, the two different artists that we have been working with Michael Odjana  and Gannon McHugh have been great resources and we can’t wait to work with them more.”

What about their award winning Raspberry Beret? “We are looking into canning Raspberry Beret, but want to make sure the canned version will live up to the expectations of the draft version. We have more can releases planned, we just want to make sure that this one goes off smoothly before we make firm plans for anything else.” If that doesn’t have you pumped I don’t know what would.

When I first saw the label I really loved it immediately. It’s a nice change from the clean labels that you see most breweries do. I think the art lends itself very well to to the beer and the people behind it. I jokingly asked if the person on the label was Luke Shropshire, their head brewer, but alas it’s not….just a little coincidence that they look similar.

“Suh is a combination of watching this video and how Luke and I have always greeted each other when coming into the brewery in the morning. The label…well I described what I was looking for from the artist, Michael Odjana, and he knocked it out of the park. I really wanted to emphasize how important the dankness of the Simcoe hops were to us and what better way to emphasis dank than a guy in sunglasses, flip flops, and a drug rug.”

Ready For The Party?


The release party for Suh Brah? is on April 8th at 10am at the brewery located on 4003 Eastern Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45226. Garrett said they don’t have any details on allotments just yet, but they should have numbers soon.  Caveman Crepes as well as their in house Steamed Eats will be serving up food all day. Being their first can release they will be dropping more info soon including any overflow parking needed, where the line will form and possible other entertainment for the day.

Barrel Aging Bonus?!

If you’ve been to Streetside you might notice a few barrels sitting in the back of the brewery. Luke has also been teasing some stuff on Instagram as well, so what’s the plan with their barrel aging program?

“We are really hitting our stride with barrel aging. We’ve been working hard on our sour program and just racked into two fresh Tequila barrels on Wednesday. We’ll be sampling both clean and sour barrels here soon so that we can get our large format bottle program off the ground hopefully by our one year anniversary on October 7th.”

That’s a lot of great news from Streetside. I’m glad to see that they are really killing it in their first year. Be on the lookout for more details for future can releases from Streetside right here on Raging Hop.