Taft’s Ale House – Liquid Advent

While Christmas time may be over I’ve been wanting to write about this beer for a while so here we are. Taft’s Ale House might not be known for regular bottle and can releases, but you can find some of their staples in stores around the city like Nellie’s Keylime, Cherrywood Amber and Culebra Cut. When I first heard about Liquid Advent I knew I had to grab some as I was a huge fan of the Maverick Cocoa Porter in the taproom.

When I cracked the can open I was met with a super rich and deep cocoa smell. It wasn’t sweet smelling, it was more of the earthy cocoa smell. It poured super dark and thick. The taste is out of this world full of cocoa flavor. It’s rich, dark and creamy with a bit of cinnamon and coffee to round out the unique flavor. It’s easily drinkable and I’m not embarassed to admit that I drank a whole four pack in a single evening it was so damn tasty. I quickly ran out to grab some more. I enjoyed another pack over the Christmas holiday and I have another four pack that I’m going to drink before it gets too warm out there.

Overall this beer is simply phenominal. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. It may be hard to find out there, but some bottle shops still have some. I know as of this post Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield still has them on the shelves. So get over there and grab them before they’re gone. You’ll thank me later!