Unleash The Darkness: New Brew in the Vue

These guys have been on my radar for a while, but as a busy guy I hadn’t had the time to trek down to Bellevue, KY and check out their new digs. Over the past weeks or so they’ve been in a soft opening stage, but as of this weekend they are officially open for business!


I had July 23rd marked on my calendar for their grand opening since the original announcement and as I awoke in the morning I was super excited to make my way over the river to dive into yet another awesome Cincinnati area brewery!

Bircus performers on the roof! (Photo provided by : Bircus Brewing Co)
Bircus performers on the roof! (Photo provided by : Bircus Brewing Co)

As we arrived to Darkness we were met with an impressive crowd along with some of the crew from Bircus Brewing Co. putting on a show! It totally threw me off at first, but what better way to celebrate your grand opening with a circus show!


The inside of the brewery felt quite cozy with a darker feel, warm lighting, wood accents and cool wall decorations brought the whole spot together. It almost felt like a brewery club house. We were in the middle of a heat eave on Saturday so it was super hot, but that didn’t stop people from coming in to grab some great beer!


They had 6 beers on tap of their own creation and an Ace Pineapple Cider for all to enjoy. I will say I haven’t been to many brewery openings, but I will say for a first day their beer was on point. I enjoyed each and every one of them.


Here’s what they had (and will continue to have this week depending on supplies!)

Man on the Moo (Milk Stout) – This one was probably my favorite hands down. Nice and creamy mouthfeel with some delicious chocolate notes. I like a milk stout with some weight to it.

Bellevue Uncommon (KY Common Ale) – The corn and rye notes shine in this one. It almost has a sweeter taste to it. Tis an easy drinker for sure.

Hop Head Nebula (American IBA) – This one rocked citra, simcoe and chinook hops and the bitterness shone through. I was definitely a fan of this one.

Galaxy Anomaly (Black Session) – A black session? Sign me up. This one was probably the one I was looking forward to the most and it didn’t disappoint! Goes down smooth with awesome hoppy notes.

Christothor himself! (Really that's him!)
Christothor himself! (Really that’s him!)

Christothor (The Blonde) – A delicious standard blonde that isn’t boring like some blondes are. This was a tie with Galaxy Anomaly for my second favorite beer of the evening!

Stonebreaker (Smoked Porter) – The only one I didn’t get to try that day, but I wish I had 🙁 But oh well guess that means I just have to get back in there soon!

I am super excited to have Darkness Brewing join the Cincinnati brewing community and I will definitely be hanging out there a lot in the future!