Who Is March First Brewing?

I should definitely start this post with an apology to March First Brewing. I actually had the honor of checking their facility out a little bit before their grand opening, but life got in the way and I took a little break from blogging. But now I’m back and ready to rock! This was a long time coming and I’m super pumped to finally be talking about one of the newer breweries here in Cincinnati.

Before March First opened their doors they were kind of an enigma to me. There wasn’t a lot of information about them and all of a sudden BOOM here they were not only posting stuff on social media, but they were already distributing to a few watering holes around the city….and they had a sweet Hummer too. I mean if you have a Hummer you have to mean business. Arnold Schwarzenegger drives a Hummer so these guys have to be cool too right? All joking aside I made my way to the brewery for the first time a few months ago and got to sit down with some of the awesome people who work there to see what they were all about. I returned again recently and am happy to see them kicking butt and taking names.

“March First Brewery was founded with the same spirit and tenacity as our great nation. Our name pays homage to the great state of Ohio, founded March 1, 1803. The fine beer and cider is aptly brewed and bottled in Cincinnati, Ohio. Enjoy the simple taste of a true American craft beer.”

Their goal is to make “the most drinkable beer in Ohio.” I thought that was a bit of a steep order for the brand new brewery on the block, but after talking to them they aren’t trying to boast that their beers are the best. They are trying to brew easily approachable beers to attract people that may not be craft beer fans (yet). That’s an admirable effort seeing as I have converted a lot of people to craft and sometimes it’s rather hard when you walk into a brewery and there are tons of sours, roasty stouts, Belgians, and other complex beers on tap. That might sound awesome to you, but to a non craft drinker it’s downright scary.


March First is focusing on Lagers and Ciders mainly, but have other beers in their portfolio as well. These are the “gateway” beers that will easily bring people into the world of craft beer. Now I know you’re reading this and are like, dude! What about the haze craze? What about the sours? What about the insert super popular beer style here? Sometimes it’s super refreshing taking a break from the off the wall beers out there and just drink something super solid and super tasty. That doesn’t mean March First won’t be innovating and not doing fun beers though!

The brewery and taproom itself is cozy and beautiful. The warm wood of the bar mixes well with the rest of the industrial feel with the tables and chairs. No matter where you sit you’re right next to where the action is. It really reminds me of MadTree 1.0 when you were literally drinking right next to the fermenters. You can drink inside or if it’s a nice day head out to their patio on the side of the taproom. They also have tables, chairs and cornhole set up near the parking lot. There’s plenty of room for activities at March First!

Their brewery is a ten barrel two vessel brew house with three 20 barrel fermenters a 20 barrel bright tank and 3 cider fermenters! They also boast a centrifuge and a six head bottler.  In some ways they are ahead of some of the older breweries in the city! In addition to the brew house they are also have a still where they will be distilling vodka, whiskey, rum and other spirits. No other brewery in the city has housed all of that under one roof until now which excites me greatly!

New News!

Recently March First reached out with some really awesome news! They are adding Ben Ramsey who has 8 years of experience in the brewing industry. He helped found Old Firehouse Brewery and worked at Alltech. Having someone like him join the March First team is super exciting and I can’t wait to see where he helps take them in the future. In addition to the addition of Ben to their team they also announced a new home brewing collaboration program dubbed Cincy Beer Labs. The goal behind Cincy Beer Labs is to connect the home brewing community with the professional brewing world. Twice a month March First will be brewing beers with home brewers on their system and releasing them every other Wednesday! The first beer comes out tomorrow (September 6th)

I highley suggest you check these guys out ASAP. They’ve got a great passion for brewing and make some super solid beer. Pay them a visit at 7885 E Kemper Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45249.

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